Camano Custom's Standard Cabinet Construction

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Cabinet assemblies screwed together – no staples


 3/4" prefinished birch plywood interiors including 3/4" backs

No Particle Board

Custom Cabinet Builders
Custom Cabinet Builder

Professional’s have used pocket hole joinery for years ...and for good reason

 It's a simple way to achieve strong, professional quality joints

Custom Cabinet Builders
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Dovetail drawer with softclose slider

We use solid wood dovetail drawers and softclose undermount sliders

In contrast to conventional undermount slide systems, Dynopro is the first slide that features a synchronization mechanism. This mechanical synchronization of each individual slide ensures enhanced comfort and movement without annoying sounds or resistance. 
 The operating function of Dynapro remains unchanged even when moving heavy loads. Loads of up to 132 pounds present no problem for Dynapro. Abrasion-resistant nylon rolleres ensure smooth and even operation.

Softclose undermount sliders

Our standard door hinge is the Blum soft-close concealed hinge

Blum hinges are preferred worldwide by cabinet and furniture makers because of design and quality. The hinges are manufactured to meet the ISO9000 standard that signifies they are manufactured with consistent quality. The quality of this product is guaranteed by a lifetime warranty.

Each part has a two or three-way adjustment feature that will depend on the type of cabinet and the adjustment required. A two-way adjustment allows a height and side adjustment with two screws. A three-way adjustment allows for a height, side and depth.

Custom Cabinet Builders

Custom Cabinet Builders

Staining and Finishing

We use the Sher-Wood® Kemvar® Conversion Varnish System.  After the stain is applied a sealer coat is applied.  We then sand and apply the conversion varnish.

Sher-Wood Kemvar Conversion Varnish Systems feature advantages like lower VOC and HAPS levels, no reportable formaldehyde, excellent resistance to household chemicals, and
excellent film build capability.  Its added UV absorber resists yellowing, making it perfect for light-colored stains. Meets the strict test requirements of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA).

We are bonded, licensed and insured to do cabinet installations, which
 we do not contract out, but do ourselves.

 Specialties include Custom Cabinets, Kitchen Cabinets, Cabinets from a local cabinet maker / cabinet Builder