Custom Closets

Custom Closet Stanwood

After living in their house awhile our
customer  decided some closet organization
would be just the ticket

They knew exactly what they were after
and provided us with their plans and ideas

A nice little addition was added; a
 mirror that came from their boat where
they had once lived and many
adventures were made

Custom Closet Stanwood

Wheelchair Accessible Closet Marysville

Wheelchair Accessible Closet Marysville

Wheelchair Accessible Closet System 

To reduce the possible damage to the cabinets, oak with a clear finish was used.   Also,  the use of fingerpulls on the cabinets instead of knobs, removed the chance of getting caught as you move pass.  The closet uses 3 pull-down closet rods, making it easy to access clothes on the upper rack. There is also a pull-out shelf allowing a surface to place clothes. There is plenty of shelving and drawers to reduce clutter and keep everything organized.


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